The idea was to create a documentary-style film with some of the game’s greatest ball players -- from Bill Russell to Rick Barry to Dr. J and LeBron James.  In the film, each confesses to something that they have never told anyone – as kids they were all haunted by the ghost of Dr. Naismith, the man who created basketball.  In these childhood hauntings, Naismith pushes them to practice more and play harder. Even Dirk Nowitzki talks about how he would feel his leg being pushed up during these encounters. He credits his unique fade-away jump shot to the hauntings. We go back to some of these locations with the players to see if the ghost of Naismith still exists. 

From Venice Beach to West 4th Street in NYC, there are great basketball courts all across the U.S.   The idea was to set up cameras on these courts so you can watch some of the greatest tournaments and pick-up games played by some of the best street-ballers anytime, day or night.  A place where a basketball junkie can get his jones anytime.   



I was Creative Director on New Balance for four years. Here is some of my favorite work.